Varda Caivano - 2020

Untitled (2020)

The abstraction in Varda Caivano’s  (1971, Argentina) work opens different ways of understanding the image, and seeks to reveal the counter-effect of painting, as if it were inimical of the image. Her compositions, sometimes rhythmic and antagonistically entropic, reveal hidden layers in the painting, in addition to a solemn and urgent sense, as if something was going to happen at any moment but following a particular order.

Caivano investigates moments of light and image, almost like an archeologist exploring fossilized rocks. Her work is at once mysterious, time persistent, and timeless. In the exercise of combining and juxtaposing colours and shapes, Caivano's work is a meditation on the nature of her own paintings. 

One of the possible ways to unlock our understanding of Caivano's work is to consider the image as essence, without the artifices commonly attributed to painting. It is as if we are facing what is behind it. It is the state of the beginning but also of the end of the light. It causes an involuntary anomaly in time, in the same way that poetry does. By exploring a rhythm marked by the gesture preceding the form, Caivano provides alternatives for the painting to suggest an essence above its image. 

The artist aligns her way with a poet's method, which uses words to abstract language. They are rhythmic noises that force us to look inward, for what is buried – for the origin.


Varda Caivano




Mixed media


101 x 41,5 x 2,5 cm




Courtesy of Mendes Wood DM

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