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All our memberships include a 12-month fixed contract

Personal membership Corporate & group membership

Regular Members

Individual membership for ages 35 and above.

1,815€/year incl. vat

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Next Generation Members (under 35)

Individual membership for ages under 35 (fee will remain the same until you turn 40).

1,029€/year incl. vat

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Partner Members

A shared membership for you and your spouse or partner.

3,025€/year incl. vat

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Membership advantages

Becoming a member entitles you to access to much more...

Learn & Grow

  • Over 150 exclusive conferences, talks, debates, and workshops with (inter)national expert speakers per year
  • Interactive workshops and masterclasses 
  • Exclusive invites to parties 

Meet & Connect

  • Onboarding sessions welcoming new members and introducing them the club's amenities and fellow newcomers
  • Monthly community drinks 
  • VIP invitations for cultural performances & visits and sports events 

Food & Drinks

  • Access to TheStables café (members-only + up to 3 guests)
  • Access to Ciao, our italian fine-dining restaurant
  • Best catering services for your events 

Work & Relax

  • Dedicated members-only quiet workspace (30 desks, fully equipped (screens, phonebooths…) 
  • 10 historic salons to host your private events, ranging from large to more intimate, set according to your needs (booking required) 
  • Access to exclusive lounges and relaxation areas

Members Benefits

As a member, you benefit from our network of beloved partners. Join us to enjoy TheMerode experience inside and outside our walls.

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