Club Rules

Terms & conditions

Club Rules

terms & conditions

I. Preliminary presentation

The “TheMerode” club (here in after, the “Club”) is a Social Club consisting of an exclusive and private Members Club welcoming various Belgian and international companies as well as private members. The Club pursues several objectives, all of which are based on the intention of stimulating the intellectual and creative curiosity of its members from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds. The Club is based on very high standards of excellence and relational intimacy in order to become the forum for actors of change and explorers of tomorrow’s world. More generally, the Club is a place where you learn, meet and enjoy life.

To achieve its objectives, the Club organizes numerous activities, including interactive conferences, charity events, small group meetings, themed dinners and theme days. While most of these activities take place at the Club’s headquarters, others can be held off-site.

The Club also intends to promote several values and principles that transcend its activities, including open-mindedness, respect, inclusion, tolerance, critical thinking and ecology. To this end, and to ensure that members share a certain common vision with the Club, its founders reserve the right to decide whether or not to grant membership to candidates, following the procedure defined below.

II. General provision

Article 1 : Name - Duration

The Club is owned by the company “The Merode” and is established for an unlimited period.

Article 2 : Registered office

The registered office of the Club is located at the Hôtel de Mérode, Place Poelaert, 6, 1000 Brussels.

Upon decision of the Board of Directors of The Merode company (here in after “TheMerode”), the Club may have operating offices in other locations in Belgium or abroad.

Article 3 : Objective

The objective of the Club is to create, stimulate and extand strong links between cultured, committed, influential and open-minded people who wish to discuss and investigate the major societal issues of today and tomorrow, in a prestigious and welcoming setting.

The Club may undertake all actions directly or indirectly related to its purpose. It may also cooperate and take an interest in any similar activity.

Article 4 : Administration and Governance of the Club

The Club is administered by TheMerode Board of Directors, which makes all decisions relating to the management of the Members Club. The Board of Directors will be supported by an operational team in the management of the Club.

TheMerode Board of Directors is assisted by an Advisory Board which assists in the strategic and event planning of the Club.

The Advisory Boardis composed at the discretion of TheMerode. Its function is to assist TheMerode in the planning and strategic direction of the Club’s programme. The Advisory Board does not have exclusive authority in this regard.

III. The members club

Article 5 : Service offered

Membership of a candidate in the Club allows him/her to benefit from the following four pillars on which the Club’s activity is based.

  • Access to a community of members who share a number of values and principles;
  • Access to the Club’s entire programme: social, cultural, charitable or business-oriented events;
  • Access to the Club’s facilities and advantages: access to the Lounge Bar and Restaurant, access to the coworking space, exclusive invitations to social and cultural events, preferential rates with the Club’s partners, etc.;
  • Access to private and professional opportunities: mentoring sessions, networking events, workshops.

Article 6 : Screening

TheMerode Board of Directors, is responsible for the recruitment process of the Club members and Corporate members. They determine the maximum number of members as well as the profile of the members sought.

The operational team reviews and grants the applications for membership under the supervision of the TheMerode Board of Directors. Decisions do not have to be motivated in any way. The decision is based on the content of the application form as well as one or more interviews with the operational Team.

Article 7 : Application for membership by a new applican

An applicant may, at any time, submit an application to become a member of the Club. To do so, he/she can fill in the Application Form  available on the Club’s website:

In the event of a favorable response to an application for membership or in the event of renewal of a membership, the annual fee shall become immediately due.

The invoice for the membership fee is due within 30 days. If payment is not received within this period, TheMerode reserves the right to suspend access to the member’s area and to Club events.

By submitting the Application Form, the applicant accepts these Terms & Conditions, the Club rules and the Ticketing Policy and agrees to respect the ethical charter.

Copy of the Terms & Conditions, the Club rules and the Ticketing Policy are provided when a membership is granted.

Article 8 : Membership Renewal Application

Membership is valid for a period of one year from the date of receipt by TheMerode of the payment made by the member

A member who does not wish to renew his membership must notify TheMerode in writing no later than six weeks before the expiry of his/her yearly membership.

In default, the membership will be automatically renewed for a period of one year.

Article 9 : Determination and payment of the annual fee

The amount of the annual fee shall be set unilaterally and annually by TheMerode, which shall inform the members within ten days of the the entry into force of the revised fee. The revised fee shall be applicable to each member for the year following the year for which the fee has already been paid.

Article 10 : Payments made within the Club

Within the framework of the Club’s activities, certain services such as the restaurant, the bar and the rental of spaces are subject to payment

Bar and restaurant services are to be paid for directly on site. Payments for reservations and space rentals must be made prior to the event and in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale. Payments for paid events must be made prior to the event.

Article 11 : Guests

The activities of the Club are exclusively for members, unless otherwise specified.

A guest is not allowed to attend TheMerode activities more than three times.

A guest must be accompanied by a member to attend a TheMerode activities.

Article 12 : Revocation and termination of membership

Membership may be revoked at any time for good cause.

The Club ensures that it promotes certain values and principles that underlie its actions and constitute the basis on which the Club sets its standard of excellence. Behavior that does not conform to these fundamental principles may undermine the Club’s integrity and its members. When such behavior occurs, membership may be revoked for just cause which includes, but not limited to:

    • failure to comply with the Club’s Ethical Charter;
    • conviction for a misdemeanor or felony;
    • non-payment of the annual fee
    • inappropriate behaviour towards other members or the staff

The exclusion is notified to the person concerned by e-mail and takes effect on the date of sending.

Decisions to exclude a member are absolute and do not need to be justified in any way

A member may at any time terminate his membership by electronic means with a 15-day notice.

IV. The corporate club

Article 13 : Application & tailor made package

An applicant company may, at any time, submit its application to become a member of the Corporate Club of TheMerode.

Corporate Club members have the choice of a tailored package adapted to the specific needs of each company.

The applicant company accepts through its tailor made package, on its own behalf and for its account, as well as on behalf and for the accounts of the members who will be part of the Corporate Club, the present 

Terms & Conditions, the Club rules and the Ticketing Policy and the ethical charter.

Article 14 : Payment of the annual fee

The annual fee is indivisible and due in advance for the whole year, regardless of the number and frequency of access to TheMerode. The resigning or excluded member is not entitled to a refund of the annual fee, even in part.

V. Code of conduct

Article 15 : Presence of children

TheMerode is intended for adults unless otherwise stated. If an event is suitable for children, the Club will notify its members. In this regard, children are under the permanent responsibility of their parents at all times while they are within TheMerode. Members shall also ensure that children are not left unattended at any time.

Children are not allowed to join members at club events unless otherwise specified.

Article 16 : Dresscode

The Club does not impose any specific dress code. However, the Club assumes that all its members dress in a manner appropriate to their environment (no shorts, no flip-flops, no hats).

Article 17 : Use of the telephone

The Club aims to encourage human interaction and exchange. To this end, the Club asks its members to use their telephones only sparingly and to make their phone calls in the dedicated areas.

The Club also asks its members not to film or stream during Club events and, particularly, never to share images, photos or videos of other members without their prior consent.

Article 18 : Use of illicit substances

The use, possession, distribution or sale of illegal substances is strictly prohibited within the Club. Any member or guest in possession of illegal substances will have their membership terminated immediately without reimbursement of membership fee.

Article 19 : Food and drink

It is forbidden to bring food or drinks into the Club, except for medical reasons.

Article 20 : Privatization and works

In the event of privatization of areas or renovation works, some areas of TheMerode may not be accessible to members. In such a case, members are kindly requested to respect the confidentiality of all private events taking place in the Club and to refrain from communicating any information about the event to third parties, by any means whatsoever.

Article 21 : Animal

No animals will be allowed in the Club, except for legally recognized and certified service dogs.

Article 22 : Smoking

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the Club.

Article 23 : Security

In order to guarantee the security of its goods and the goods entrusted to it, TheMerode uses video surveillance cameras. The recorded images will be kept for a maximum period of one month. The Customer may 

request access to the images that concern him as long as the request made by him is sufficiently precise.

Article 24 : Cancellation Policy

Members may cancel their participation in any Club event within 48 hours. Refund is not possible in case of late cancellation. In case of late cancellation or no-show, the member will receive a first warning. After 3 warnings, membership can be temporarily suspended.

Article 25 : Contact

If you have any questions about your membership and/or club rules, please contact us at