Why are we not happier? A Darwinist take on happiness

Mon. March 4, 6:30PM

Why are we not happier? A Darwinist take on happiness

An evening with philosopher Michaël Vlerick: how do we go from selfish genes to the art of a freer life?

Why does criticism linger longer than a compliment? Why do we imagine countless doomsday scenarios for the future? Why are we not happier, even when objectively we have every reason to be?

These are so many questions studied by science philosopher Michael Vlerick in his latest book - Waarom we niet gelukkiger zijn* (Lannoo, 2024).

Join us on March 4, as Michael Vlerick takes us on a captivating journey through the realms of genetics, psychology, and philosophy, culminating in a discussion of meditation and the science of happiness.

The conference will be followed by a book signing session of Waarom we niet gelukkiger zijn* by Michaël Vlerick (Lannoo, 2024).


Michaël Vlerick

Michaël Vlerick is a philosopher of science affiliated with Tilburg University. In his work, he applies evolutionary theory to key philosophical domains, such as knowledge, society, and happiness. He aims to make philosophy accessible to a broad audience and hopes to contribute to a happier and more harmonious society. With his latest book, Michaël Vlerick, dissects the complexities of human nature through the lens of evolutionary biology and philosophy. His groundbreaking work weaves together ancient wisdom and modern scientific insights, offering a unique perspective on the pursuit of happiness in the contemporary world.
Mon. March 4, 6:30PM
Mon. March 4, 8:30PM
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Mon. March 4, 6:30PM
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