When Art meets Technology
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Thu. September 28, 6:30PM

When Art meets Technology

Join us for a conversation on computer graphics in visual art and pop culture with Rebecca Allen and Paul Simon Richards, two video artists flirting between art and advanced digital technology.

“Artists are inventors too; coming up with new ideas and new forms of expression, so to be in a research lab and to be an artist inventing new things made a lot of sense to me.” Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen and Paul Simon Richards in will discuss their experiences of working between the art industry and the technology sector, considering ways that the two sectors positively inform and enrich each other.

From the early days of MTV (Music Television) to the contemporary MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Rebecca Allen and Paul Simon Richards have individually contributed to the production of seminal works of pop culture while continuing their pioneering research as visual artists.

An event organised in collaboration with Gallery Arcade, London.


Paul Simon Richards

Richards received the Film London Artist Moving image ‘productions’ award in 2017 and is recipient of the Danish fokus video art award. Richards has a masters in philosophy, spent 15 years teaching in art schools in London and has worked extensively in visual fx production for film and tv, currently as a lead fx technical director at Dupe vfx. Recent projects include, Antman 3, Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever and the Witcher.


Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen is an internationally recognised artist inspired by the aesthetics of motion, the study of perception and behaviour and the potential of advanced technology. From the mid 1970’s, Allen was a rare female artist working in the early stages of computer art and digital technology. With degrees from RISD and MIT, Rebecca Allen was one of the first artists to utilise the computer as an artistic tool to make art involving human motion simulation, AI/artificial life algorithms and other generative techniques.
Thu. September 28, 6:30PM
Thu. September 28, 8:00PM
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Thu. September 28, 6:30PM
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