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What is reality?
Science & Technology

Mon. July 1, 11:30AM

What is reality?

Explore XR broad spectrum horizons with Cederik Haverbeke, Managing Director XR Valley.

Join us for an insightful dialogue over seated lunch featuring Cederik Haverbeke in a stimulating exchange with Edouard Cambier. Together, we will delve into the multifaceted advantages of Extended Reality (XR), going beyond mere economic benefits.

Uncover the environmental benefits XR can foster, understand its role in strengthening social bonds and reducing societal divides, and discuss how it cultivates a critical mindset indispensable for innovation. We'll share practical examples from different sectors to illustrate how XR is driving businesses towards innovative frontiers, operational efficiency, and sustainable methodologies.

Engage in a discussion about how XR is reshaping the way we interact with technology, promoting a seamless integration that fosters a balanced relationship between humanity and the latest technological breakthroughs.


Cederik Haverbeke

Cederik is a distinguished tech entrepreneur and a pioneering Extended Reality (XR) Strategist. He serves as the Managing Director of XR Valley, Belgium's premier XR association, where he leads initiatives at the intersection of XR, AI, and advanced computing. His expertise is highlighted through his role as a Venture Catalyst, specializing in customer intimacy brands and advocating for hyper-personalization technologies that enhance user experiences without compromising ethical standards. As the co-founder and CTO of several tech ventures, Cederik brings a wealth of knowledge to his projects. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and innovator in the tech community. His significant contributions include the development of the NIM Framework, a groundbreaking body of work that establishes a common language and structure for collaboration among business leaders, designers, and technology experts. This framework is particularly focused on preparing for human-machine interaction at the convergence of Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G technologies. Cederik invites collaboration and innovation within the XR community, emphasizing the creation of value through new technologies.


Edouard Cambier

Edouard Cambier is a consummate professional deeply rooted in Belgium, who has navigated a successful career across the vibrant intersections of media, marketing, and event organization. With his versatile language skills, encompassing Dutch, French, and English, he has forged productive collaborations with a diverse array of companies within Belgium and beyond. For the past two decades, Edouard has been instrumental in fostering dynamic business ecosystems. His journey began in 1998 with a pivotal role in the consolidation of Roularta's editorial teams — from publications such as Trends and Knack to Le Vif and KanaalZ — culminating in the establishment of the Brussels Media Center. His visionary approach later led to the founding of the Seed Factory, a thriving Mar-Tech hub in Brussels that unites over 150 entrepreneurs in the spheres of communication, marketing, and media. In 2013, Edouard co-launched Co.Station, an innovative thematic accelerator dedicated to the Fin-Tech sector. Today, he continues to break new ground, collaborating with the 251 members of the Belgian Workspace Association (BWA) and the 35.000 members of the Brussels Entreprises Commerce & Industry association (BECI).

this event is limited to members only

Mon. July 1, 11:30AM
Mon. July 1, 2:00PM
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