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What does the future hold for business leaders?

Mon. June 24, 6:30PM

What does the future hold for business leaders?

Engage in a dynamic dialogue on pressing business challenges with industry leaders Marc Du Bois, Olivier Legrain, Antoine Geerinckx and Clotilde de Montpellier d’Annevoie

Business leaders are encountering a multitude of challenges, from shifting market dynamics driven by technological advancements to the complexities of global competition and sustainability. 

Join us on June 24th for an impactful conference featuring Marc Du Bois (Spadel), Olivier Legrain (IBA), Antoine Geerinckx (CO2logic), and Clotilde de Montpellier d’Annevoie (Farm For Good). Moderated by Louis Collinet (Tapio), our distinguished speakers will delve into critical topics such as innovation, sustainability, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and reputation and trust. 

This is a unique opportunity to learn from top industry leaders, engage in thought-provoking dialogue, and connect with peers committed to driving positive change in their organizations. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative conversation. 


Clotilde de Montpellier d’Annevoie

Clotilde de Montpellier d’Annevoie founded Farm For Good in 2015 to promote sustainable and ethical food production. She is recognized for pioneering initiatives that empower farmers to adopt environmentally-friendly practices.


Antoine Geerinckx

Antoine Geerinckx co-founded CO2logic in 2007, leading the firm in sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. Under his leadership, CO2logic has become a leading consultancy in sustainable development.


Olivier Legrain

Olivier Legrain, CEO of IBA, has a background in economics and joined IBA in 1996, playing a key role in its IPO. He became CEO in 2012, focusing on proton therapy and healthcare technology.


Marc du Bois

Marc du Bois is the Managing Director of Spadel Group, assuming leadership in 2000. He is recognized for his contributions to various federations and was voted Trends Manager of the Year 2013.


Louis Collinet

Louis Collinet, founder of Tapio, launched his entrepreneurial career in Colombia with the brand Joséphine. He later developed dark kitchens at Deliveroo and now focuses on helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint through Tapio.
Mon. June 24, 6:30PM
Mon. June 24, 9:00PM
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Mon. June 24, 6:30PM
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