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Unstoppable, the Sequel

Thu. October 12, 12:30PM

Unstoppable, the Sequel

The business event for the aspiring entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners of the new era.

91 business owners joined us for the previous edition of Unstoppable.
And this one, we’re going for harder, better, faster and stronger.
Say hello to double impact.
That means double the time: a day and evening program.
Double the number of people: 200 spots available.
And double the speakers on stage.
Welcome to the new era. The world is constantly changing. Entrepreneurship has evolved. Have you?
Being an entrepreneur requires having a feeling of ownership. Excelling in being, feeling and doing. It takes bold moves, becoming a strategist, building your action-powered community, and creating a lasting impact on your audience.
A full day of accelerated growth. And your Unstoppable tribe of brilliant minds that come together like family.

During this epic day & evening event, you’ll take your game to a whole new level. You’ll gain invaluable insights into the mindset of 7-figure earners, business and personal brand strategies, identity shifts that will make you own your own voice, the room, and the stage. You’ll also learn about the power of investing, building an action-powered community by networking with powerful people, and the dynamics of becoming a real influence within your industry.

Secure your spot at this unparalleled event. Surround yourself with winners and leaders.


Andy Nijs


Your Unstoppable Maverick and founder of ‘The Unstoppable Event’. My playground is the world and I challenge you to come and play with us, in the League of Unstoppables. It’s time to embody who you need to be to create your business legacy. I’ll share the stage with amazing daredevils, entrepreneurs and trailblazers.


Katrin Van de Water

Katrin Van de Water is the high-end business mentor of the Belgium. She guides coaches, trainers, and consultants with revenues of €+150K who want to break through their energy and revenue ceiling by targeting the top end of the market. She is also the founder of the taboo-breaking podcast Millionaire Women where she talks to female millionaires. It’s her life mission to make financial abundance the new normal.


Laure Oomens

Laure Oomens is a writer, copywriter and story shaman, with whom entrepreneurs dare to engrave their essence in the hearts of their audience. She believes that, if you want to create an exceptional brand, you have to come to terms with yourself and embrace every part of yourself first. The next step? Translating the full kaleidoscope of your being to your communication, meaning your website, your social media, … even your e-mails. That means daring to open up, to be vulnerable and to show up as you really are.


Stefanie van Moen

Stefanie is a passionate speaker trainer, TEDx coach, and author who believes that everyone is able to own the room. Great speakers are not born, they are trained! From crafting the perfect icebreaker to receiving thunderous applause, Stefanie is here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s create a lasting impact together!


Timo Marcus

Timo lived on stage being a business builder and entrepreneur in every vain. People started asking him to speak his mind on stage on real-people-marketing as he spent over 10 years in chief roles at marketing-driven companies such as one of the world’s biggest search engines. After starting five owned businesses he now offers others support by building their strong human-centered-market-approved-foundation in their business.

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Thu. October 12, 12:30PM
Thu. October 12, 9:00PM
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Place Poelaert, 6
1000 Brussels
Parking Poelaert, Place Poelaert 1000 Brussels

Detailed program

Opening with drinks
Thu. October 12, 12:30PM
On stage Unstoppable welcome by Katrin van de Water & Timo Marcus
Thu. October 12, 1:00PM
Opening Andy Nijs – The future of entrepreneurship
Thu. October 12, 1:10PM
On stage panel with Andy Nijs, Katrin van de Water & Timo Marcus
Thu. October 12, 1:45PM
Premier partner keynote slot
Thu. October 12, 2:15PM
Break with drinks & networking
Thu. October 12, 2:30PM
Keynote Andy Nijs – Building influence
Thu. October 12, 3:00PM
Kevnote Laure Oomens – Your inner voice is calling
Thu. October 12, 3:30PM
Keynote Stefanie van Moen – The stage is yours to take
Thu. October 12, 4:00PM
Surprises for the day and start evening event
Thu. October 12, 5:00PM
Welcome by Andy Nijs
Thu. October 12, 6:00PM
Partner panels with Andy Nijs
Thu. October 12, 6:10PM
Exclusive Networking
Thu. October 12, 6:25PM
Start dinner
Thu. October 12, 7:00PM
Start Unstoppable party
Thu. October 12, 7:30PM
Thu. October 12, 9:00PM

this event is sold out