Unlocking Minds: Facing Global Crises
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Thu. May 30, 6:30PM

Unlocking Minds: Facing Global Crises

A Provocative Dialogue with Thierry Ripoll on Navigating the Challenges of Climate Change and Beyond 

Join us for a thought-provoking dialogue with philosopher and psychologist Thierry Ripoll as we explore why our brains and societies struggle to address major crises like climate change. Ripoll will delve into the evolutionary limitations of our cognitive architecture and the systemic barriers within our societies that impede effective action.  

Drawing on insights from evolutionary psychology and social theory, Ripoll will challenge conventional notions of leadership and advocate for bold transformations at the foundational level of our societies. By dissecting the underlying mechanisms that perpetuate inertia and resistance to change, he will reveal hidden forces at play and call for a paradigm shift in our approach to governance and decision-making.  

This conversation offers a critical opportunity to confront uncomfortable truths and catalyze meaningful action. By addressing the cognitive and societal barriers that hold us back, we can chart a new course towards a more sustainable and equitable future.  




Thierry Ripoll

Thierry Ripoll embarked on his academic journey with studies in psychology and philosophy before being appointed as a lecturer in psychology at the University of Provence in 1994. He is now a Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Aix-Marseille University and a member of the Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology. Additionally, he serves as the Director of the Training Center for School Psychologists. His expertise lies in the field of cognitive sciences, particularly focusing on cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, and philosophy of mind. His research initially covered memory, problem-solving and attention. In recent years, his focus has shifted to experimental philosophy.


Laurent Ledoux

Laurent Ledoux is the Manager of "Philosophie & Management" association in Brussels and was previously President of the Executive Committee at Federal Ministry for Mobility & Transports in Belgium. He was Head of Public Banking for BNP Paribas Fortis, Chief of Staff for the Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Director P&O for the Federal Ministry of Economy, Partner for Arthur D. Little, Project Manager for the European Commission (Privatisations in Former Soviet Union), Mergers & Acquisitions for ING (then BBL) and Finance & HR Director for MSF in Mozambique.
Thu. May 30, 6:30PM
Thu. May 30, 9:00PM
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Thu. May 30, 6:30PM
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