Unlock your Female Energy for enhanced productivity

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Unlock your Female Energy for enhanced productivity

Join Morgane Leten for insights on hormonal alignment and productivity

Discover the impact of aligning with your hormones to improve decision-making and heighten productivity. In this enlightening conference, Morgane Leten will share practical insights and tips on how to care for your hormonal health in daily life. Learn how to eat and move in sync with your body's changing needs to effectively reduce symptoms that might be affecting your daily routine. 

Following the conference, there will be a book signing of ‘Het Cyclus Kompas’ and Morgane Leten’s latest work, ‘Het Cyclus Kookboek’ (NL). 

Registration opens on July 31.


Morgane Leten

Morgane Leten is a nutrition and menstrual health expert and the co-founder of Guud, a company dedicated to improving women's hormonal health through high-quality supplements and community support. Inspired by her personal struggles with PCOS, Morgane authored ‘Het Cyclus Kompas’ and ‘Het Cyclus Kookboek’ to share her expertise and support others facing similar challenges.
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Detailed program

Thu. September 12, 6:30PM
Talk and Q&A
Thu. September 12, 7:00PM
Networking and Book Signing
Thu. September 12, 8:00PM
Thu. September 12, 9:00PM