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Unlock the power of your cycle


Unlock the power of your cycle

Unlock the power of your cycle with Morgane Leten, founder of Guud Woman and author of 'het Cyclus Kompas'. Discover the secrets of living in harmony with your hormones and embracing your natural cycle for optimal well-being.

In this workshop, you will get practical insights and tips on how to take care of your menstrual cycle in your daily life. Morgane will empower you to make lifestyle adjustments that positively influence hormonal symptoms. But that's not all – discover the impact of nutrition and training strategies according to your cycle. Learn how to eat and move in sync with your body's changing needs, effectively reducing PMS symptoms that might be affecting your daily life.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your relationship with your cycle and unlock its true potential!


Morgan Leten

Founder Guud Woman

When Morgane was diagnosed with PCOS and doctors couldn’t help her, she was determined to help alleviate her symptoms herself. She decided to retrain as a Nutrition and Fertility expert and discovered that small lifestyle changes, in combination with the right supplements, had a positive impact on her cycle and fertility. She knew she could help other women too. But the supplement industry is confusing and lots of products are full of chemical preservatives, artificial colourings and fillers and fail to deliver any results at all. Morgane & Jan were determined to create something better - something that actually worked! After countless rounds of testing, Guud Woman was born! The result is a line of supplements designed by women for women with the best active and natural ingredients scientifically proven to support your health and menstrual cycle.

this event is limited to members only

Mon. December 4, 12:00PM
Mon. December 4, 2:00PM
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Mon. December 4, 11:30AM
Mon. December 4, 12:00PM
Mon. December 4, 2:00PM