TheMerode Music Club — Nic Hanson, the new funk sensation
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Fri. May 24, 6:30PM

TheMerode Music Club — Nic Hanson, the new funk sensation

Join Diane Marois and discover the one-of-a-kind journey of Nic Hanson, from gospel to funk. A new sensation, straight out of Philadelphia.

Trained in the school of gospel, Nic Hanson's voice touches souls and grooves like the devil. At just 25, Nic has worked with top producers (Bakermat, Moon Boots) in both the US and Europe. His success and track record have earned him interest and a feature in Forbes magazine. 

Incorporating all the groove influences that speak to his heart into his music, his funk is tinged with R&B, salsa, hip hop and house. 

A true funk crooner, and a talented multi-instrumentalist, he is coming to offer us a recital that retraces his history and his journey between the 2 continents. 

Don’t miss on this opportunity to meet one of the new faces of the groove scene.


Nic Hanson

Nic Hanson is an American singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, rapper and linguist born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known for his global Funk/ R&B sound, he began getting recognition in 2017 for his eclectic collaborations and multilingual covers of hit songs. With half a million listens a month on Spotify and 100,000 followers on Instagram, he has established himself as one of the new faces on the international groove scene.


Diane Marois

Diane Marois is a journalist, director, producer and broadcaster of the music program “Le Feel de Diane” on la 1ère and Jam RTBF
Fri. May 24, 6:30PM
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