TheMerode Music Club — A visual and musical experience
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Mon. February 12, 6:30PM

TheMerode Music Club — A visual and musical experience

In an interview with Diane Marois, painter Jean-Marc Larhantec will take us on a journey, exploring the translation of frequencies into painting.  A conference followed by a live painting performance to the sound of DJ Copal’s music.

Frequency is a vibratory phenomenon triggered by every sound emitted in nature or in music. It is used to characterise sounds from low to high pitched. While there is a lot of talk these days about 'Sound Healing' and the meditative experience it can provide, Jean-Marc Larhantec explores the links between these vibrations and painting. The frequencies are the primary pulses of his creative process and enable him to access the idea of a pictorial structure. 

Working with a similar approach, DJ Copal — speacialised in organic, Afro and tribal electronics — will join the conversation and discuss with Larhantec the impact of frequencies on our brain and emotions before offering us a live pictorial performance to the sound of music.


Jean-Marc Larhantec

A music lover and former artistic director for some of France's leading luxury brands, Jean-Marc Larhantec paints as he is: with heart and emotion. His canvases are first constructed with geometric shapes that organise the composition of the work; this is the background; then, in the foreground, comes the liberation of the pictorial gesture: drips, splashes and instinctive gestures bring a geometric lyricism to his works. Deeply influenced by music, which he cites as a reference for each of his canvases, his works are worked in the manner of a symphony. Formally, the use of a serial motif present in most of his canvases - a piece of a circle, the paint of which is criss-crossed, as if engraved like vinyl - opens up a number of avenues of interpretation. The ex-niholo creation of Jean-Marc Larhantec's works is thus an analogy of a personal, subjective and intuitive score.


Samy Ayachi

Copal is a sacred smoke used by the Mayan to raise spirits. Behind the alias is Samy Ayachi, a DJ who uses his music as smoke to vehicle soundwaves and create pathways for Reverie. The music crafted is an energic form of organic house taking roots from the desert to a more tribal Afro vibe always infused with cinematic & ethereal pads. He performed at TomorrowLand, Voodoo Village, The yard, Hangar, Mind, Mirano (BE), Saikuk (Tulum), Yume (Dubai) and shared line ups with artists such as Bedouin, &ME, Rampue, Satori , Stavroz, Gheist, Agoria, Deer Jade, Carlita, Paji, Vander, Denis Horvat.


Diane Marois

Diane Marois is a journalist, director, producer and broadcaster of the music program “Le Feel de Diane” on la 1ère and Jam RTBF
Mon. February 12, 6:30PM
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