TheMerode Masterclass Bokashi
Sustainability & Ecology

Wed. September 27, 12:00PM

TheMerode Masterclass Bokashi

Learn how to turn all your kitchen scraps into fertilizer at home

Little work, relatively quick and very efficient because you can put everything in it: raw, cooked food, citrus fruits... and even leftover plates.

Welcome to our Bokashi Workshop! Get ready to explore the world of Bokashi composting, a revolutionary method that transforms kitchen scraps into nutrient-dense soil amendments. In this interactive workshop, you'll uncover the art and science behind Bokashi – a Japanese term for "fermented organic matter." Learn how to harness the power of beneficial microorganisms to ferment your food waste, creating a potent soil conditioner and plant booster. Whether you're an urban dweller with limited space or an avid gardener seeking sustainable solutions, this workshop will guide you through the steps of Bokashi composting and its numerous benefits. Join us to unlock the secrets of this exciting composting technique and take a step towards enriching your soil and reducing waste.


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Wed. September 27, 12:00PM
Wed. September 27, 2:00PM
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Wed. September 27, 12:00PM
Lunch and Workshop
Wed. September 27, 12:30PM
Wed. September 27, 2:00PM