TheMerode Art Salon: Meet the artists
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Thu. April 4, 6:30PM

TheMerode Art Salon: Meet the artists

Join us for the guided tour of TheMerode Art salon’s new exhibition followed by an intimate conversation with artists Peggy Franck and Marijke De Roover.

After the successful first edition curated by Italian curator Daniella Ferretti, we are thrilled to announce the new exhibition of TheMerode Art Salon. Christian Mooney, Director of Arcade, London, brings fresh perspectives with two dynamic exhibitions, showcasing works by Clive Hodgson, Alcides Pereira dos Santos and Matthias Dornfeld and by Marijke De Roover and Peggy Franck.

Join us on April 4th for a guided tour in the presence of curator Christian Mooney and artists Marijke De Roover and Peggy Franck, followed by a conversation delving deeper into the fascinating worlds of Franck and De Roover. 

Explore their unique processes, from Franck's analog nostalgia to De Roover's digital performance art and discover how they navigate the complex relationship between self-portraiture and the omnipresent gaze of the camera.

An opportunity not to be missed!


Peggy Franck is known for her spatial investigations that combine photography, painting and site-specific installations. Franck’s characteristic brushstrokes represent the result of a longer and less visible process, as these function as gestures and visualisations of the artist’s inner world, arranging themselves on paper, wood, objects and walls, giving the impression of being alive, in constant dialogue and movement.


Marijke De Roover

Marijke De Roover is a part-time professional karaoke singer and meme connoisseur, yet currently known mostly for her queer/feminist performance work. In her artworks, she deals with questions regarding the nuclear family, feminism/motherhood, ethics of reproduction, and love, romance and compulsory heteronormativity under late capitalism.


Christian Mooney

Christian Mooney is the Director fo Arcade a gallery based in London. Established in 2007, Arcade offers a programme of exhibitions and a constantly evolving platform of performances, live events, talks and publications. Through these varied formats, the gallery aims to find new modes of presentation exploring the developments and complexities in contemporary art, across a range of practices, media and concerns. Both in London and internationally, Arcade has sought to support working artists and explore how experimental practice in the visual arts can have a vital relevance in public life.
Thu. April 4, 6:30PM
Thu. April 4, 8:15PM
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Thu. April 4, 6:30PM
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Thu. April 4, 7:30PM
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