The Virtuoso's Path: Insights from Lorenzo Gatto
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Thu. May 2, 6:30PM

The Virtuoso's Path: Insights from Lorenzo Gatto

What nurtures a musician's path to virtuosity? Explore insights from violinist and former Queen Elisabeth laureate.

Join us for an evening of inspiration and musical passion as we dive into the world of classical violin with Queen Elisabeth Competition laureate Lorenzo Gatto. 

Embarking on a journey to musical greatness is no solitary endeavor; it's a symphony of moments, decisions, and encounters that shape an artist's path. Within the halls of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, Lorenzo Gatto found not just a stage but a launching pad that catapulted his career from burgeoning talent to an acclaimed virtuoso and now a discerning jury member of the Competition.

We invite you to discover how the rigor and prestige of one of the world's most venerated classical music institutions forge not only winners but ambassadors of classical music's evolving future. 


Lorenzo Gatto

Lorenzo Gatto, a virtuoso Belgian violinist born in 1986, captivated the classical music world early, studying under renowned masters and shining at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 2009 with both Second and Public’s Prizes. Known for his expressive honesty and nuanced performances, Gatto's career spans prestigious recitals and collaborations with top musicians. His partnership with Julien Libeer, celebrated with a Diapason d’Or, reflects his dedication to chamber music. Beyond music, Gatto's love for aviation mirrors his quest for freedom and perspective.


Laetitia Huberti

Laetitia Huberti is Offer Editor responsible for the Affinity portfolio (La Premiere Musiq3 Classic21 La Trois). From 2014 to 2018, she was director of Musiq’3.
Thu. May 2, 6:30PM
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Thu. May 2, 6:30PM
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