The Psychiatrist Who Brings Humor to Mental Health
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The Psychiatrist Who Brings Humor to Mental Health

Dr. Caroline Depuydt delivers her humorous and practical tips for starting the school year stress-free

As a psychiatrist at Fond’Roy, Dr. Caroline Depuydt tackles the challenging task of caring for individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others. Beyond her demanding role, she is also an acclaimed writer and mental health advocate. With a following of 83,000 on TikTok and regular appearances on RTBF, Dr. Depuydt shares valuable insights on maintaining mental well-being. Her first book, "Bien dans ma tête grâce aux neuro-sciences", delves into neuroscience-based strategies for mental health.

Her latest book,"J’arrête d’en faire trop", examines the roots of perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and burnout. As September marks the beginning of the school year, it often brings added stress and anxiety. In this engaging talk, introduced by Béa Ercolini, Dr. Depuydt will offer practical, easy-to-adopt strategies to help you navigate the stresses of September with ease.

Join us for this unique opportunity to begin the autumn season on a positive note.

The conference will be followed by a book signing of “J’arrête d’en faire trop” by Dr. Caroline Depuydt (Kennes, 2023). A sale organised by UOPC bookshop.

Registration opens on July 31.


Caroline Depuydt

Dr. Caroline Depuydt is a psychiatrist. She works at the Fond'Roy clinic in Brussels, where she is in charge of a psychiatric department for compulsory hospitalisation. Through conferences for professionals and appearances in the media, she also strives to support the psychological well-being of everyone. It was in this context that she published her highly successful book "Bien dans ma tête grâce aux neurosciences", published in 2022 by Kennes. She is also a columnist on the Vivacité health programme La grande forme.


Béa Ercolini

Béa Ercolini is a Belgian multimedia journalist, activist and social entrepreneur. Editor-in-chief of the Belgian edition of Elle from 2003 to 2016, she used the magazine to promote gender equality topics. Pioneer in fighting against street harassment and sexism, she founded Touche Pas A Ma Pote/Blijf Van Mijn Lijf (2012), a non profit NGO which schools programs concerned 14.500 students. The NGO creates awareness campaigns, works with the Regions, City and Police of Brussels, and lobbies for political solutions. In 2017, she launched BEABEE, a women’s business club based in Brussels. Empowerment and networking to boost each member’s business. 150 registered members. A a keynote speaker and freelancer journalist (RTBf) and on social network, Béa Ercolini is considered as a voice in fighting sexism and in building a more gender balanced and more diverse world.
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Thu. September 26, 6:30PM
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Thu. September 26, 7:00PM
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Thu. September 26, 8:00PM
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