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Sustainability at the heart with Urbike
Sustainability & Ecology

Thu. October 12, 8:00AM

Sustainability at the heart with Urbike

Are Businesses designed to solve sustainability issues?

In this insightful Executive Breakfast session proposed by BMI, Philippe Lovens, the co-founder and CEO of Urbike, will share his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the pivotal role sustainability has played right from the inception of his venture. This engaging presentation will delve deep into the remarkable case of Urbike.
Urbike, a cooperative based in Brussels, stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of urban logistics. Their mission is crystal clear: to enhance the urban quality of life by revolutionizing the last-mile transportation of goods. Their ingenious approach involves replacing traditional vans and light trucks with eco-friendly cargo bikes. As of today, Urbike boasts a team of 45 dedicated employees and an impressive track record of delivering over 350,000 parcels. This significant achievement translates into an astonishing reduction of more than 80 tonnes of CO2 emissions, underscoring Urbike's commitment to a sustainable future.

2 key questions:
• Are businesses designed to solve sustainability issues?
• Is the cooperative model a way to support a purpose led company?


Philippe Lovens

Philippe Lovens is an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Urbike. He puts his energy, his curiosity, his pragmatism at the service of innovation and the concretisation of systemic solutions working for the global improvement of our society.


Sybille van den Hove

Sybille van den Hove has been exploring sustainability issues for almost 3 decades, in science, at the science-policy interface, and with businesses. She builds bridges with the hope of fostering transformations. She is also an independent Director at IBA and co-founder of the 2030 CEO Alliance for Sustainability.

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Thu. October 12, 8:00AM
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Thu. October 12, 8:00AM
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