Stand up against street harassment – the 5D method
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Fri. March 8, 6:00PM

Stand up against street harassment – the 5D method

For Women’s Rights Day, TheMerode is talking about women’s safety in public spaces. Join us and learn the 5D, a safe and efficient method to react and intervene.

Distract, Delegate, Document, Dialogue and Direct. Five words that can make a difference when it comes to street harassment. On Women’s Rights Day, TheMerode is bringing women’s safety to the fore with an interactive workshop.

In the street, in the subway, at the office: whether we are a woman or a man, we've all witnessed inappropriate behavior and found ourselves unprepared to intervene. 

Come and learn how to react when you witness sexist or sexual harassment. TPAMP founder Béa Ercolini and trainer Jade Bourion will teach you the 5 Ds. From D for "Distract" to D for "Lead", an effective method for ensuring that women's right to live their lives in peace is respected.

Join us and become an actor for women’s safety.


Béa Ercolini

Béa Ercolini is a Belgian multimedia journalist, activist and social entrepreneur. Editor-in-chief of the Belgian edition of Elle from 2003 to 2016, she used the magazine to promote gender equality topics. Pioneer in fighting against street harassment and sexism, she founded Touche Pas A Ma Pote/Blijf Van Mijn Lijf (2012), a non profit NGO which schools programs concerned 14.500 students. The NGO creates awareness campaigns, works with the Regions, City and Police of Brussels, and lobbies for political solutions. In 2017, she launched BEABEE, a women’s business club based in Brussels. Empowerment and networking to boost each member’s business. 150 registered members. A a keynote speaker and freelancer journalist (RTBf) and on social network, Béa Ercolini is considered as a voice in fighting sexism and in building a more gender balanced and more diverse world.
Fri. March 8, 6:00PM
Fri. March 8, 7:30PM
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Fri. March 8, 6:00PM
Fri. March 8, 6:30PM
Fri. March 8, 7:30PM