Pause and Align with Alexandre Mars
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Tue. April 9, 12:30PM

Pause and Align with Alexandre Mars

Join us for an exclusive conference with visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexandre Mars as he tells us about his latest book: Pause, Pour une vie alignée.

Join us for an exclusive event featuring Alexandre Mars, author of Pause, Pour une vie alignée, as he shares his message of democratizing self-fulfillment and proving that success is not just for the lucky few.

Drawing from his podcast PAUSE, Alexandre Mars takes us on an enlightening journey towards personal alignment and its potential for societal impact. Discover Alexandre Mars’s approach to aligning personal fulfillment with societal benefit, as he unveils the principles guiding his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts.

Don’t miss on this opportunity to learn about the importance of aligning yourself to better find your way.


Alexandre Mars

A successful entrepreneur in Europe and the United States, Alexandre Mars is the chairman and founder of Epic, a foundation that supports young people and the environment; blisce/, a responsible investment company that has backed start-ups such as Too Good To Go, Brut. and Spotify; and INFINITE, a social enterprise that aims to give students from working-class backgrounds access to the best schools and universities in the world. He is also a board member and ambassador for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He hosts the PAUSE podcast and is the author of La Révolution du partage and Ose!


Paul Gérard

Paul Gérard is the editor-in-chief of L’Echo. He is at the initiative of Yaka!, a program launched by L’Echo to boost the entrepreneurial spirit in French-speaking Belgium. In Wallonia and Brussels, a new generation of entrepreneurs is bursting with energy and ambition. With Yaka!, the platform where they connect and learn from each other, L’Echo helps them to realize their ambitions.
Tue. April 9, 12:30PM
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