Paul Delvaux (1897-1994): Une vie à l’œuvre
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Mon. November 20, 6:30PM

Paul Delvaux (1897-1994): Une vie à l’œuvre

Discover the life and work of the iconic Belgian painter Paul Delvaux, in a conference given by Camille Brasseur, the director of the Paul Delvaux Foundation.

Ahead of its 69th edition taking place from January 28 to February 4, 2024, BRAFA and TheMerode are inviting you to an exclusive art talk celebrating the work of one of the most famous Belgian painters of the 20th century, Paul Delvaux.

The director of the Paul Delvaux Foundation, Camille Brasseur, will take you on a journey through the painter’s oeuvre, highlighting little-known periods of his work. From the artist’s process to his influences, you will discover Paul Delvaux’s works in the light of different artistic movements such as post-impressionism, expressionism, and surrealism.

Camille Brasseur will share her unique insights on the work of Delvaux, bringing to the fore the impact of the painter’s private life on his oeuvre and his artistic trajectory, up to the emergence of his own distinctive style.

Paul Delvaux, (1897-1994) was a Belgian Surrealist painter and printmaker whose canvases typically portrayed transfixed nudes and skeletons in mysterious settings.

Like Magritte and Dalí, Delvaux’s Surrealist approach entailed creating an illusionistic depiction of an illogical dream space.

Although Paul Delvaux adopted an implicitly Surrealist style, he made a deliberate effort to separate himself from Surrealism and remained closed to the currents of modernism.


Camille Brasseur

Scientific director of the collections of the Paul Delvaux Foundation

Camille Brasseur is an art historian specialized in Belgian art. She began her research at the Cobra Research Centre of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2003-2007) and continued at the BAM in Mons (2008-2013) and the Maurice Verbaet Art Center in Antwerp (2013-2017). As an exhibition curator, she has published several works on post-war Belgian art (Serge Vandercam, Antoine Mortier, René Guiette). In 2018, she became scientific director of the collections of the Paul Delvaux Foundation, a charitable foundation which she has been running since February 2020.
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Mon. November 20, 6:30PM
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