Michaël Labro: from patisserie to management excellence
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Thu. March 7, 6:30PM

Michaël Labro: from patisserie to management excellence

Indulge your senses with Michaël Labro, Pierre Marcolini and Didier De Greef as they explore Michaël's journey from the kitchen to producing 700,000 macarons a day.

Elected Manager of the Year by Trends, Michaël Labro is first and foremost a pastry enthusiast. Besides his uncommon trajectory, he proves to be a visionary reshaping the world of patisserie.

In an event at the crossroads of the art of patisserie and entrepreneurship, moderated by Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini and business consultant Didier De Greef, Michaël Labro will share his inspiring story and the secrets behind the creation of each macaron.

This won't be just words; you'll be part of an engaging, multi-sensory experience where the subtleties of fine macarons blend with an inspiring and creative trajectory.

This event is more than just an occasion; it's an exploration of the heights that passion, vision, and flavor can reach when combined. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Michaël Labro

Michaël Labro is the founder and CEO of PMSWEET. Passionate about pastry, particularly macarons, Michaël Labro embarked on the challenge at the age of 16 to create the perfect macaron in his mom’s kitchen. After five years of dedication, he discovered my ideal recipe, harmonizing a delicate shell with a flavourful ganache to achieve an unparalleled macaron. His journey unfolds in three distinct phases: initial artisanal conception in the family kitchen, subsequent growth and professionalization, and ultimately, the implementation of automation while steadfastly maintaining the quality of our flagship product. Today, the story continues in a brand-new building of 17,000 square meters, with a dedicated team of 350 employees. Bolstered by our exceptional team, PMSweet has undergone a remarkable growth, catapulting our production from 10,000 to over 1,000,000 macarons per day.


Pierre Marcolini

For over 20 years Pierre Marcolini, founder of the Maison of the same name, has perfected the art of making chocolate – from bean to bar. Every year he travels across the globe, in search of the rarest cocoa with which to make the finest chocolate. For this progressive and passionate craftsman, the business of chocolate goes hand in hand with pleasure, sharing, discovery and creativity.


Didier De Greef

Didier has been an independent expert in business transformation and leadership for over 20 years. Active as a freelance consultant since 2002, he works with a wide range of SME and corporate customers, in both industry and services, where he creates a positive impact on the company's operational performance by improving internal agility and organization: people, processes and systems. His current practice of development coaching with leaders and management teams enables him to balance work on structures and on the human factor, and to be a facilitator of change. He is involved in consultancy, team coaching, workshop facilitation (participative dynamics) and individual coaching.
Thu. March 7, 6:30PM
Thu. March 7, 9:00PM
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Thu. March 7, 6:30PM
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