Meet Matthieu Ricard, the happiest man in the world

Sun. November 5, 4:30PM

Meet Matthieu Ricard, the happiest man in the world

Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk and right-hand man of the Dalai Lama, gives us an exclusive talk and meditation, on how altruism and kindness are key to face today’s challenges.

Ever since leaving his scientific career in biochemistry behind to become a Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard has been exploring happiness as both a fundamental aspect of human existence and a subject of scientific inquiry, advocating for altruism.

What is altruism? It is a disinterested concern for the good of others, a motivation whose aim is to increase the well-being of others.

According to Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk, activist, photographer and scientist, altruism can serve as a valuable perspective for guiding our choices, whether they are immediate or have far-reaching consequences, whether they pertain to our professional or personal lives.

In an increasingly difficult world, what if kindness and altruism could have the greatest positive impact on our individual lives and by extension on society as a whole?

Join us on November 5 as Matthieu Ricard does us the honour of coming to TheMerode for an enlightening talk and meditation on the power of altruism on ourselves, society and on the environment.


Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard, born in France and son of the philosopher Jean-François Revel and of painter Yahne Le Toumelin is a Buddhist monk, author, scientist, humanitarian, and photographer. After an initial trip to India in 1967, where he met great Tibetan spiritual masters, he completed his doctorate in cellular genetics in 1972, before settling permanently in the Himalayas, where he has now lived for over 50 years. Matthieu Ricard is the author of several books including photography books. His latest book, Émerveillement features 100 previously unpublished photographs, from the Himalayan peaks to the magic of Iceland. All royalties from the sale of Matthieu Ricard's photographs are donated to Karuna-Shechen, the humanitarian association founded on the vision of "compassion in action". Karuna-Shechen has developed over 200 educational, medical and social projects in northern India, Nepal and Tibet, benefiting the most disadvantaged populations.
Sun. November 5, 4:30PM
Sun. November 5, 6:00PM
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Sun. November 5, 4:30PM
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