Living with your past, a steppingstone to happiness
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Tue. September 19, 6:30PM

Living with your past, a steppingstone to happiness

An evening with philosopher of joy Charles Pépin: How can we turn our past into a force for the future?

The French Philosopher known for his optimistic approach to everyday life invites us to rethink our relationship to our past for a happy life.
Childhood, education, happy or traumatic memories: our past does not go away. It is always present. Yet our happiness depends on our ability to live well with our past. 

In his new philosophical essay, Vivre avec son passé (Allary Editions), Charles Pépin draws on the classics of philosophy, literature, and cinema as well as on cognitive sciences and Ancient Wisdom to show that we can have a free and creative relationship with our heritage. 

Join us on September 19 for an engaging conference that will give you the keys to reach a peaceful and fruitful relationship to your past and memories. 

The conference will be followed by a book signing session of Vivre avec son passé* by Charles Pépin (Allary Editions).  

*Release date : Septembre 7, 2023. 


Charles Pépin

Charles Pépin has a degree in philosophy and is the author of the bestsellers Les Vertus de l'échec, La Confiance en soi and La Rencontre, as well as the podcast “Une philosophie pratique”. He presents the programme “Sous le soleil de Platon on France inter”. He is one of France's most widely translated authors in the humanities and social sciences.
Tue. September 19, 6:30PM
Tue. September 19, 9:00PM
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Tue. September 19, 6:30PM
Conference & Q&A
Tue. September 19, 7:00PM
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Tue. September 19, 8:00PM