Leading with Awareness : Protecting Democratic Values
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Tue. April 23, 6:30PM

Leading with Awareness : Protecting Democratic Values

How can conscious leadership help our democracy? Discover the power of awareness in leadership with Martine Dornier-Tiefenthaler and Moses Garelik.

In an era of unprecedented change, the call for conscious leadership has never been louder. But what makes a leader truly conscious, and why is this approach vital for safeguarding our democratic values? Join us for an enlightening dialogue with Martine Dornier-Tiefenthaler and Moses Garelik, who stands at the intersection of business acumen and spiritual wisdom. This event promises to explore the essence of conscious leadership, offering actionable insights on nurturing this transformative mindset. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to a future where leadership is grounded in awareness, compassion, and collective well-being.


Martine Dornier-Tiefenthaler

Beginning her career in law, Martine Dornier-Tiefenthaler has evolved into a luminary within the European business landscape, particularly in the aerospace sector. Over the past 25 years, her profound vision, unwavering determination, and inspirational leadership have significantly propelled the aerospace industry forward in Europe. Beyond her professional accolades, Martine stands out as a champion for secular thought and a proactive advocate for the preservation and promotion of democratic values across Europe. Her commitment to fostering 'conscious leadership' reflects a deep-seated dedication to not only driving economic and technological progress but also ensuring the sustenance of an ethical and inclusive societal framework. In her journey, Martine embodies the essence of transformative leadership—merging industry excellence with a steadfast commitment to the greater good. Her story is a testament to the impact of visionary leadership on both the industry and the ideals that shape our collective future.


Moses Garelik

Originating from Italy and raised within a venerable rabbinical lineage, Moses Garelik’s formative years were split between Milan and New York, immersed in the profound teachings of ultra-orthodoxy. As an ordained Rabbi, he has been instrumental in establishing and nurturing over seventy charitable organizations, aimed at bolstering Jewish communities across Europe. His extensive travels and in-depth explorations into the intricate ways identity and culture inform belief systems have shaped his journey towards inclusivity and understanding. Today, Moses is dedicated to pioneering initiatives that foster unity and raise collective consciousness. Working alongside individuals and communities, he is committed to orchestrating experiences that celebrate our shared humanity while honoring our diverse backgrounds. Moses is passionately driven by a vision where each person's uniqueness contributes to the mosaic of human experience, believing firmly in the power of unity within diversity. His endeavors underscore a lifelong mission to connect us all, recognizing the inherent value and interconnectedness of every individual in the tapestry of life.
Tue. April 23, 6:30PM
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