La Table des Voyageurs with Adrien Joveneau
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La Table des Voyageurs with Adrien Joveneau

La Table des Voyageurs invites you to discover destinations through the eyes of extraordinary personalities. This month meet RTBF host and producer, Adrien Joveneau. 

The RTBF host and producer has a dream job: travelling the world to meet Belgians living all around the world. His show, "Les Belges du bout du monde," is now in its 39th season, on radio and TV. It tells inspiring stories of men and women who dare to pursue their dreams. Additionally, he also hosts "Grandeur Nature" and "Le Beau vélo de RAVel," for which he cycles through Wallonia and the rest of the world. A lover of nature and adventure, his reports celebrate slow tourism and conviviality.

A dream-weaver, it is said that his voice always smiles. For him, human beings are nomads. 

Adrien Joveneau does us the pleasure of sharing his profession and his reports with us at the Table des Voyageurs. Join us for yet another inspiring and intimate lunch, just the way we like it*.

*Registration opens on July 31.

Les Tables des Voyageurs moderated by journalist and travel designer Caroline Chapeaux, are private travel diaries where you discover destinations through the eyes of renowned journalists, explorers and, in short, extraordinary personalities. In small groups, these prestigious guests share their stories with us over a lunch signed by JML.

Emotion, odes to dreams and surpassing oneself are all part of the programme. These unique encounters take you to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

©photo: Philippe Buissin


Adrien Joveneau

Adrien Joveneau is a radio presenter with an international outlook. Whether on Les Belges du bout du monde or Le Beau Vélo de RAVeL, Grandeur nature or L'Echappée belge, he loves meeting people, discovering and sharing. A catalyst for social interactions, he ventures off the beaten path with contagious enthusiasm… His programmes have been published in numerous books and broadcasted on RTBF and TV5Monde.


Caroline Chapeaux

Caroline Chapeaux is a Belgian television, radio and print journalist. A tireless traveller, she is also Travel Designer at Looking for Charly, an agency specialising in creating tailor-made itineraries around the world. An anthropologist by training, she travels the world in search of rare experiences and exceptional addresses. She regularly moderates debates and hosts the Tables des Voyageurs four or six times a year.
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