La Table des Voyageurs: meet Blanche de Richemont
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Wed. May 15, 12:00PM

La Table des Voyageurs: meet Blanche de Richemont

Four to six times a year La Table des Voyageurs is a unique moment of travel, discovering destinations through the eyes of extraordinary personalities.

«Le voyage vous fait ou vous défait», Nicolas Bouvier.

Les Tables des Voyageurs moderated by journalist and travel designer Caroline Chapeaux, are private travel diaries where you discover destinations through the eyes of renowned journalists, explorers and, in short, extraordinary personalities. In small groups, these prestigious guests share their stories with us over a lunch signed by JML.

Emotion, odes to dreams and surpassing oneself are all part of the programme. These unique encounters take you to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

For its first edition, La Table des Voyageurs is pleased to welcome Blanche de Richemont.

Blanche de Richemont has been criss-crossing the desert for 25 years. In Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. She has followed a salt caravan in Mali and lived with Saharan smugglers. A philosopher by training, with a degree from the Sorbonne, and a writer and lecturer, Blanche shares her thoughts on life and her stories in a dozen books. 

Join us as Blanche de Richemont shares her unique experience of the desert. The lunch will be inspiring and intimate, just the way we like it.

Get prepared and watch Blanche de Richemont’s latest documentary « Mauritanie, à la rencontre des femmes du désert ». Available on Arte.


Blanche de Richemont is a renowned French philosopher, writer, journalist, and speaker, celebrated for her profound insights into the nature of courage, adventure, and self-transcendence. Blanche's literary contributions extend from the critically acclaimed "Eloge du désert" to her impactful "Allez, courage! Petit traité de l’ardeur," where she explores the essence of ardor and resilience. Her adventures, from following a salt caravan in Mali to living among smugglers on the fringes of the Sahara, infuse her writings with authenticity and depth, offering readers a unique window into the trials and tribulations that shape our humanity. As a sought-after speaker, Blanche has shared her wisdom and experiences with diverse audiences, guiding them on a journey to discover the samurai within and awaken the courage that lies dormant in every soul.


Caroline Chapeaux

Caroline Chapeaux is a Belgian television, radio and print journalist. A tireless traveller, she is also Travel Designer at Looking for Charly, an agency specialising in creating tailor-made itineraries around the world. An anthropologist by training, she travels the world in search of rare experiences and exceptional addresses. She regularly moderates debates and hosts the Tables des Voyageurs four or six times a year.
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