La Table des Cavaliers: Meet Hassen Bouchakour
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Wed. January 10, 12:00PM

La Table des Cavaliers: Meet Hassen Bouchakour

Hassen Bouchakour and his fidel Peyo once competed at dressage events. Now they spend their time doing rounds in a French hospital, often staying with sick people until the end.

La Table des Cavaliers was born in 2017 from a desire to bring together equestrian enthusiasts and personalities from the equestrian world. Each edition honours a champion, sometimes a legend or a key player in the history of the sport. For example, La Table des Cavaliers has welcomed Olympic competitor Nelson Pessoa, Olympic champion Pierre Durand, and Félix-Marie Brasseur, dressage legend Anne d’Ieteren and Ingmar de Vos, President of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports. The Table has only 20 seats and cultivates the ambition to offer everyone the possibility to participate in a conversation around the guest of the day. At this edition, hosted by TheMerode, we invite you to join a special horseman, Hassen Bouchakour over lunch and conversation. He will tell us about his adventure with doctor Peyo.

It was in 2013 that Hassen noticed the cognitive abilities and barely believable instincts possessed by his show horse Peyo. The latter is attracted to the weakest, sick people who attend the duo's performances. Hassen and Peyo spent the next 4 years preparing physically and mentally, creating health and medical protocols with veterinary doctors and hospital doctors, and training in end-of-life support. In 2017, the association "les Sabots du coeur", recognized as being of public interest, was created.


Hassen Bouchakour

After years of competitions and horse shows, Hassen discovers Peyo's great empathy. They then left the spotlights to join a radically different world: that of medicine, solidarity and human dignity.


Fabio Ghezzi Morgalanti

Passionate horse driver and founder of La Table des Cavaliers
Wed. January 10, 12:00PM
Wed. January 10, 2:00PM
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Wed. January 10, 12:00PM
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