Journal de Tintin: From 7 to 77 and beyond
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Thu. March 28, 6:30PM

Journal de Tintin: From 7 to 77 and beyond

Join us for a tribute conference honoring Le Journal de Tintin, the newspaper that was a comic-strip landmark for almost four decades.

Did you know that the common expression "from 7 to 77 and beyond" originated from the emblematic slogan of the newspaper Tintin "le journal des jeunes de 7 à 77 ans"?

For comic book fans, the magazine is an absolute myth that has entertained generations of readers. Join us in celebrating the 77th anniversary of the iconic publication with a round table discussion tracing the history of the newspaper and of the publishing house Le Lombard, created by Raymond Leblanc.

With Dany, author of the latest album in the "Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio" series, Gauthier Van Meerbeeck, editorial director of Editions Le Lombard, Anthony Wolf, organiser of the Raymond Leblanc Prize and grandson of Raymond Leblanc, and Thierry Bellefroid, curator of "Le Lombard, a family history" exhibition and well-known journalist.



Dany, whose real name is Daniel Henrotin, is a Belgian comic-strip artist. He is the author of series such as "Olivier Rameau", "Histoire sans Héros" and the latest album in the "Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio" series.


Gauthier Van Meerbeeck

Gauthier Van Meerbeeck studied law and practiced law for several years at the Brussels bar. He joined Editions du Lombard in 2003 as editor. Ten years later, he was appointed Editorial Director, a position he still holds today. Under his leadership, Le Lombard has adapted its strategy to a market in overproduction. In the space of 10 years, Le Lombard halved its annual number of publications, to focus more on promoting new titles. This policy led to the launch of several successful series and albums (Les Enfants de la Résistance, Tango, Le Convoyeur, Lonesome, Les Omniscients, Elle(s), the Signé collection, etc.).


Anthony Wolf

Anthony Wolf is a partner in the international consultancy Sia Partners. He heads up the Banking and Insurance activities and is an expert in migration, mergers and integration, as well as digital strategy. His current role is as organiser of the Raymond Leblanc Prize, created in 2005 as a tribute to his grandfather. He has been involved for over 10 years in the Raymond Leblanc association, which aims to promote young comic strip talent by awarding them an annual grant of €20,000 and a publishing contract with one of our three partner publishers, Le Lombard, Casterman and Futuropolis.


Thierry Bellefroid

Journalist, exhibition curator, scriptwriter and novelist, television and radio broadcaster, Thierry Bellefroid has been broadcasting on RTBF since the mid-1990s. He currently divides his time between presenting and editing the television programme, Sous Couverture (Sundays on La Trois), and appearing on radio stations to talk about comic strips. He has also produced podcasts on La Première, including one devoted to the links between America and Franco-Belgian comics. Thierry Bellefroid also contributes to numerous books on comics, curates exhibitions in Belgium, France and Switzerland, participates in the Comics Festival of Angoulême and takes part in a large number of comics juries.
Thu. March 28, 6:30PM
Thu. March 28, 8:00PM
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Thu. March 28, 6:30PM
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