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Increase your capacity to navigate change

Mon. June 10, 6:30PM

Increase your capacity to navigate change

Join us for an exclusive interactive session with Dr. Debbie Baute on navigating change in our personal and professional lives.

In a world where change is constant, mastering the art of transition is essential. TheMerode is excited to invite you to a discussion group, led by Dr. Debbie Baute. With her expertise blending scientific insights and Zen philosophy, Dr. Baute will guide us through the theme of 'navigating change'.

This exclusive session will be limited to 25 participants and offers a unique opportunity for intimate interactions, exploring how we deal with change as a catalyst for personal growth. Together, we'll uncover the strategies we’ve developed to navigate challenging times, learning from each other's experiences and insights.

Through guided discussions in a supportive environment, participants will have the chance to reflect on their own transformations, building open-hearted connections and sharing diverse ideas along the way.

Join us as we come together to embrace change authentically and build resilience. 

Secure your spot in this first session of a transformative series and start building deeper connections with yourself and fellow changemakers.


Debbie Baute

Dr. Debbie Baute (PhD in Physics) brings a multifaceted background that bridges physical chemistry, engineering, and personal development. Having navigated numerous professional and personal transitions, she is ideally placed to guide participants through their transformative journeys. Integrating influences from the natural world and Zen philosophy, Debbie's sessions are more than educational—they are an invitation to explore and redefine one's identity.

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Mon. June 10, 6:30PM
Mon. June 10, 9:00PM
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Mon. June 10, 6:30PM
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Mon. June 10, 9:00PM

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