How is Putin waging war on our democracies?

Thu. June 29, 6:30PM

How is Putin waging war on our democracies?

French MEP, Raphaël Glucksmann lifts the veil on how Russia has been infiltrating our democracies for the past 20 years in his new book “La Grande Confrontation”.

“It is the story of the great confrontation with Vladimir Putin's Russia that our leaders did not want to see coming but which we can no longer escape.” — Raphaël Glucksmann, La Grande Confrontation.

In his new essay, La Grande Confrontation, Raphaël Glucksmann describes the secret war waged by Vladimir Putin against our democracies and above all how certain European elites have allowed themselves to be sold out to certain foreign powers.

Glucksmann calls for a broader perspective on the current war in Ukraine, that he describes as a “hybrid war launched by the Russian regime against our democracies and aimed at their core”.

In this context, how can we maintain perspectives of peace? In addition to the external threat, is there also a risk of internal collapse of our democracies?

Join us on the 29th of June for an engaging conversation between Raphaël Glucksmann and Simon Brunfaut (L’Echo) on the corruption and infiltration of European elites by the Kremlin.

The conference will be followed by a book signing session of La Grande Confrontation: comment Poutine fait la guerre à nos démocraties? by Raphaël Glucksmann (Allary Editions, 2023)


Raphaël Glucksmann

Raphaël Glucksmann is an essayist and Member of the European Parliament (Public Square). He chairs the European Parliament's Special Committee on Foreign Interference.


Simon Brunfaut

Simon Brunfaut is a journalist at L’Echo for the Culture and Opinion sections, editorial consultant at the RTBF and professor of philosophy at ESA Saint Luc.
Thu. June 29, 6:30PM
Thu. June 29, 8:30PM
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Thu. June 29, 6:30PM
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