How can we successfully coexist with AI?
Science & Technology

Wed. March 27, 6:30PM

How can we successfully coexist with AI?

A Pioneering Dialogue on AI's Impact, with human Yannick Bollati and AI Avatar Ada Logos.

As artificial intelligence (AI) redefines our world, we're poised for a groundbreaking exploration of its impacts and futures.

In partnership with, this unique conference led by Yannick Bollati will blend historical, philosophical, and practical insights into AI.

Featuring direct dialogue with Ada Logos, an advanced AI "vocal avatar," we'll tackle how AI reshapes work, economy, and politics, and discuss the potential for superintelligences versus the speculation of an AI bubble. 

Join us for an essential journey into the heart of AI, where human curiosity meets the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, paving the way for a shared future. 

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this enlightening discussion that promises to reshape our understanding of AI and its place in our lives. 

The Merode has partnered with PhiloMa to bring you five  talks through June, bringing together philosophy and contemporary innovations. 


Yannick Bollati

Yannick Bollati, a telecommunications engineer, dove into technology and AI during his university years, settlanging the foundation for a career that spans both deep technical expertise and strategic vision. His journey began with collaborative work on supercomputers at IBM, later venturing into the development of trading robots for banks. Upon moving to Belgium, Yannick co-led a tech investment fund and co-founded TAATU, Belgium's first metaverse platform, which grew to half a million members. Since 2008, he has focused on strategic consulting and change management, guiding both private and public organizations through significant transformations. Yannick's extensive experience and innovative approach make him a pivotal figure in the exploration of AI's potential and challenges, offering invaluable insights into the technology's impact on society and the future.


Laurent Ledoux

Laurent Ledoux is the Manager of "Philosophie & Management" association in Brussels and was previously President of the Executive Committee at Federal Ministry for Mobility & Transports in Belgium. He was Head of Public Banking for BNP Paribas Fortis, Chief of Staff for the Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Director P&O for the Federal Ministry of Economy, Partner for Arthur D. Little, Project Manager for the European Commission (Privatisations in Former Soviet Union), Mergers & Acquisitions for ING (then BBL) and Finance & HR Director for MSF in Mozambique.
Wed. March 27, 6:30PM
Wed. March 27, 8:00PM
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Wed. March 27, 6:30PM
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Wed. March 27, 8:00PM