Happyland night
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Happyland night

Get ready to be swept away to a world of happiness and enchantment in your club, where the musical beats will transport you to another realm. A special night of live music, crazy food and dancing under the stars.

We are pleased to invite you to a real-life musical night on June 22nd. Our philosophy revolves around human connection, curiosity, and pure joy, because we believe they can work wonders in transforming behaviors and opening minds. We've created a space where you can truly celebrate life, embrace progress, connect with your fellow members and embrace change.
Welcome to Happyland, where we dive into alternative realities and imaginary worlds. Brace yourself for an experience that combines visual arts, music, and storytelling to create a mesmerizing journey for you and your fellow members. Every corner of our club will unveil new worlds and captivating atmospheres that will leave you spellbound.
Happyland is all about exploring the secrets of happiness. We want to share and spread joy everywhere, unleashing a wave of positive energy and change.
Our ultimate goal is to ignite your imagination, nourish your soul, and unleash your creativity and intellect. At TheMerode we believe that pleasure, excitement, and beauty have the incredible power to transform behaviors. So, get ready to dress in vibrant and colorful attire, channeling the spirit of musicals with their lively and expressive costumes. Ready to dance, sing, and celebrate the joy of life in the most extraordinary way possible ?

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Thu. June 22, 6:00PM
Thu. June 22, 11:55PM
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Place Poelaert, 6
1000 Brussels
Parking Poelaert, Place Poelaert 1000 Brussels

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Thu. June 22, 6:00PM
Fri. June 23, 2:00AM