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Guided tour of POWER at CIVA
Sustainability & Ecology

Thu. January 18, 7:00PM

Guided tour of POWER at CIVA

Join us at CIVA and discover POWER, a group exhibition that connects questions of energy and politics, bringing together historic references, contemporary practices and speculations on the future.

The exhibition POWER challenges viewers to consider how contemporary infrastructures relate to everyday life across intersecting concerns, including political institutions, citizen participation, geopolitics, energy transition, and climate justice.

From oil and gas pipelines to domestic radiators, from wind turbines to recycling hubs, infrastructure is central to today’s debates surrounding systemic change. Objects of intense political, social, and economic contestation, these infrastructures distribute power in both senses of the word POWER : as energy and as politics.

Join us for the guided tour of the exhibition and find out how architects, landscape designers, artists, and urban practitioners are in a unique position to shift discourse and practice toward large-scale energetic transformation.

Photos: ©Filip Dujardin ©Liam Young

CIVA, Centre for Information, Documentation and Exhibitions on the city, architecture, landscape and urban planning in the Brussels-Capital Region, is a museum, archive and collections centre, library, meeting place and forum for discussion on architecture, landscape, urban planning and ecosystems.

CIVA's programming is a blend of culture and architecture, with a particular focus on heritage and contemporary developments in Brussels. In 2025, CIVA will move to KANAL-Centre Pompidou.

this event is limited to members only

Thu. January 18, 7:00PM
Thu. January 18, 8:00PM
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