Geopolitics: Iran’s ambiguous role on the world stage

Tue. September 26, 6:30PM

Geopolitics: Iran’s ambiguous role on the world stage

How is Iran attempting to reconcile with the West while pursuing its collaboration with Russia, imposing its influence in the Middle East and expending its nuclear programme?

After brutally putting an end to the uprising following Mahsa Amini’s death, the Iranian theocrats have initiated an extensive diplomatic campaign towards the East while concurrently expanding their efforts in the West.

Between the strengthening of the military cooperation with Russia, the reconciliation with Saudi Arabia and the resumption of talks with the US government, Iran is playing on all fronts, trying to re-establish its status in the concert of nations and on its own territory.

In a conversation with Virginie Herz, Head of reporters at France 24, Hanieh Ziaei, political analyst and Iran expert, will provide insights into Iran's diplomatic position on the international stage, along with an in-depth examination of the country's current situation and the question of human rights.


Hanieh Ziaei

Hanieh Ziaei is a political analyst and an expert on the Iranian world. She studies the relationship between politics and social issues under authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, in particular the dimension of protest movements and actions and cases of creative resistance. She has worked for the European Parliament and for the para-diplomatic CITpax in Madrid. She is currently attached to the Observatory on the Middle East and North Africa (OMAN) within the Raoul-Dandurand Chair at the Université du Québec à Montréal.


Virginie Herz

Managing editor, chief of the reporters team

Virginie Herz is a managing editor, chief of the reporters’ team at the international news channel France 24, where she previously worked as a senior foreign affairs editor and created 'Actuelles', a show about women's rights that she anchored for nine years. Her report on the Guinean putsch leader, Dadis Camara, was nominated for two major French Journalism awards (Albert Londres, Bayeux). In 2018, she won the gold medal in broadcast journalism (the Ricardo Ortega prize) awarded by the U.N. Correspondents’ Association for her show highlighting gender inequalities.
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