Generation Do It Yourself with Matthieu Stefani
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Thu. September 21, 6:30PM

Generation Do It Yourself with Matthieu Stefani

Meet the podcaster and multi-entrepreneur interviewing today’s self-made men and women

Step into the world of the creator's economy with successful multi-entrepreneur and podcaster Matthieu Stefani. Discover the thriving business of self-branding, built on trust and community engagement, which can be worth millions of euros.

This trend, once limited to startups and emerging companies, is now making its way into the realm of major institutional brands.

Come and meet Matthieu Stefani at TheMerode, the podcaster interviewing today’s self-made men and women offering a behind-the-scenes look into this new and trendy business model based on trust and community interaction.
Tune in to Generation Do It Yourself (GDIY), France's leading talk podcast, reaching up to 700,000 monthly listeners. This podcast delves into the inspiring success stories of those who have taken risks and forged their own paths. Guests share their journeys with authenticity, offering valuable insights on self-improvement, success, failures, and life itself.

Through his podcast, Matthieu provides accessible content for everyone, enabling listeners to learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, politicians, and more. Notable guests include Kamel Mennour, Emmanuel Perrotin, Cédric Villani, Arnaud Montebourg, Marc Lévy, Joël Dicker, Bernard Werber, Romain Grosjean, Yannick Noah, Patrick Mouratoglou, Mike Horn, Bob Sinclar, Alexis Michalik, Marc Simoncini, Roxanne Varza, Thibaud Hug de Larauze, and Gaspard Koenig.


Matthieu Stefani

President and co-founder

Successful multi entrepreneur, Matthieu is President and co-founder of Cosa, CEO of, Podcast host and creator of “Génération Do It Yourself” and LaMartingale. Entrepreneur in tech and media since 2002, Matthieu Stefani founded CosaVostra in 2013. A consulting agency in innovation digital services, CosaVostra is one of the fastest growing European agencies since 2019. With nearly 100 experts based in Paris, London, Bordeaux and Tunis, it assists major groups (TF1, Dior, Google, CNRS, etc.) and SMEs with their digital projects. Matthieu is the founder and host of the podcast "Génération Do It Yourself", where he interviews entrepreneurs, managers, artists and sportsmen to understand the "why" and above all the "how" of each guest's successes (and failures!). His goal: to share these experiences and their dose of inspiration with his listeners, to allow everyone to progress.
Thu. September 21, 6:30PM
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