Fuckup Nights, the global phenomenon about failure
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Fuckup Nights, the global phenomenon about failure

While success stories often take the spotlight, what about those who have encountered setbacks?

Get ready to rewrite the narrative on failure and to celebrate the potential of second chances in the world of entrepreneurship. Are you eager to join us in reshaping how we perceive failure and recognizing the resilience it takes to come back stronger than ever? We invite you to be a part of this event featuring incredible stories of individuals who have turned adversity into valuable lessons. It's a fantastic opportunity to network, exchange insights, and enjoy good company over drinks. 

This series of events is powered by Pulse Foundation. Pulse is the Belgian foundation supporting entrepreneurship at the national level. Their ambition is to stimulate the entrepreneurial culture as well as provide access to entrepreneurship for everyone, as they believe it is the key to creating a better society.

Registration opens on July 31.

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Place Poelaert, 6
1000 Brussels
Parking Poelaert, Place Poelaert 1000 Brussels

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Wed. September 11, 6:30PM
Wed. September 11, 7:00PM
Wed. September 11, 8:00PM
Wed. September 11, 9:00PM