From waste to profit: Industrial-scale textile recycling
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From waste to profit: Industrial-scale textile recycling

Can numbers stop fashion from destroying the planet? Join Christophe Berlo, CFO of Resortecs, the European leader of the circular transition in fashion. 

Join us to hear the inspiring story of Resortecs, a pioneer in the circular economy set to revolutionise the textile industry. With heat-dissolvable stitching threads and thermal disassembly systems that simplify recycling, Resortecs — REcycling, SORting, TEChnologieS — has established itself as the European leader in the circular transition of fashion.

Christophe Berlo will share Resortecs' journey since its inception. How did they ensure that a high-impact company remains sustainable over time? What were their biggest barriers and how did they overcome them? What are the main challenges for an impact-driven company today? What needs to change to allow more impact-driven companies to emerge? And how will the circular economy business model become the new standard of doing business?

This event is a collaboration with Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles and is part of their "Impact Day" programme.

Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles is a strong collective of entrepreneurs sharing deeply human values, with a mission to support entrepreneurs and create sustainable jobs in Brussels.

Registration opens on July 31.


Christophe Berlo

At 37 years old, Christophe Berlo is the Chief Financial Officer of Resortecs since 4 years. He ensures that the necessary funds for the company's development are always available.


Vinz Kanté

Vinz Kanté, 37, gave up his career as a star radio host, his "morning shows" and "open mic" segments, to become a journalist and a resolutely eco-friendly activist.
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