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François Hollande: meet the former French President

Tue. November 7, 12:00PM

François Hollande: meet the former French President

François Hollande will share his analysis of the current international affairs to help us understand the new geopolitical order. An exclusive conference followed by the book signing of his latest book “Bouleversements”.

For five years, François Hollande has been leading the way in French politics. Throughout the challenges he has encountered, he has engaged with both France's allies and its opponents.

Having been a firsthand observer who transitioned into a key decision-maker, François Hollande delivers in his latest essay, Bouleversements, an analysis on the new geopolitical order:
“Russia's invasion of Ukraine reveals that over the last decade the world has undergone a transformation that has upset balances, overturned hierarchies, and exposed major dangers for the planet: health, climate, security and politics. Democracies are being put to the test. Internally by populists, externally by the return of empires. Europe now faces its destiny: to be a power or a nostalgia.” François Hollande, Bouleversements (Stock, 2022)

On November 7, the former French President will share over an exclusive lunch his enlightened diagnosis, proposing a course of action in the face of this new geopolitical order.

The conference will be followed by a book signing session of "Bouleversements: Pour comprendre la nouvelle donne mondiale", François Hollande (Stock, 2022).

In collaboration with Bui!d Club and Harvard Club, Belgium.


François Hollande was President of the French Republic from May 2012 to May 2017. While in office, he led major reforms that restored competitiveness and growth to the French economy and faced with authority the attacks that bloodied his country in 2015 and 2016. He has had to take important decisions on behalf of France. Notably the commitment of its armed forces in Mali to fight the terrorist groups based in the Sahel. It was under his presidency that the global climate agreement was concluded in Paris in December 2015. Today, he presides over the Foundation "la France s'engage", whose mission is to support all initiatives that contribute to strengthening solidarity and creating links between citizens.
Tue. November 7, 12:00PM
Tue. November 7, 3:00PM
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Tue. November 7, 12:00PM
Conference - Lunch
Tue. November 7, 12:15PM
Book signing
Tue. November 7, 2:15PM
Tue. November 7, 3:00PM

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