Family Reimagined: Beyond Boundaries
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Wed. April 17, 6:30PM

Family Reimagined: Beyond Boundaries

How does family shape society and the individual? Dive into a new dialogue with Sophie Galabru and Simon Brunfaut on redefining familial ties.

In a thought-provoking session with philosopher Sophie Galabru, alongside Simon Brunfaut, we explore the enduring yet evolving concept of family. Galabru's insights challenge us to consider not just the personal aspect of familial bonds but their broader societal impact. From the traditional to the transformative, 'Faire famille: une philosophie des liens' lays the groundwork for a discussion that transcends conventional boundaries. What roles do love, freedom, and economic realities play in shaping our understanding of family today? How can we navigate the complexities of inheritance, education, and the politicization of family life to foster a more inclusive, supportive community? Join us for an illuminating conversation that promises to redefine the essence of family, followed by an exclusive book signing.


Sophie Galabru

Sophie Galabru holds a PhD in philosophy and teaches Philosophie in a high school in the Paris suburbs and at the University of Sorbonne. Her research focuses on trends in phenomenology, as well as the philosophy of time and narration. She authored two books: ‘Les visages de nos colères’ in 2022, which received the High School Philosophy Book Prize, then ‘Faire famille : une philosophie des liens’, in 2023. She is also known for being the granddaughter of actor Michel Galabru.


Simon Brunfaut

Simon Brunfaut is a journalist at L’Echo for the Culture and Opinion sections, editorial consultant at the RTBF and professor of philosophy at ESA Saint Luc.
Wed. April 17, 6:30PM
Wed. April 17, 9:00PM
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Wed. April 17, 6:30PM
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Wed. April 17, 9:00PM