Fair Trade: Can Consumers Make a Difference?
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Fair Trade: Can Consumers Make a Difference?

Join us for a discussion with Phillipe Weiler, CEO of FairTrade Belgium, on the merits and limitations of fair trade practices in creating a more equitable global economy.

Fair trade has long been touted as a solution to the inequities of international trade, but does it truly deliver on its promises? In this fireside chat, Phillipe Weiler will share his insights on the impact of fair trade practices, while also engaging in a critical analysis of their effectiveness. 

We'll explore the potential drawbacks of fair trade, such as its interference with free market dynamics, and discuss whether more robust government regulation is needed to address the challenges of global trade. 

Participants will gain a nuanced understanding of the fair trade movement and its role in shaping a more just and sustainable economic future.

Registration opens on July 31.


Philippe Weiler

Phillipe Weiler is the CEO of FairTrade Belgium, a leading organization promoting fair trade practices in the global economy. With extensive experience in international trade and development, Phillipe has been instrumental in shaping the fair trade movement in Belgium and beyond. His commitment to promoting ethical and sustainable trade practices has earned him recognition as a thought leader in the field.
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