Excellence in Sports and Beyond
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Excellence in Sports and Beyond

Discover the lives of elite athletes with Lola Mansour, Jean-François Lenvain, and a special Olympic guest. 

Join us for an inspiring evening at TheMerode, where we explore the untold stories of high-level athletes during and beyond their performance. Featuring judokate and feminist activist Lola Mansour, ultra-marathoner and mentor Jean-François Lenvain, and a special guest from this year's Olympics, this event delves into their journeys from sports to societal impact. 

Hear how they overcame personal and professional challenges, collaborated, and gained unique insights into the sports world. Don’t miss this chance to uncover what it truly means to excel.

Registration opens on July 31.


Lola Mansour

Lola Mansour is a distinguished judokate and feminist activist who has represented Belgium on the international stage. She was the gold medalist at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore (2010) and the European Junior Championships (2012). After a severe injury halted her career, Lola turned her focus to advocacy, empowering women in sports and beyond. Her resilience and dedication make her a true inspiration.


Jean-François Lenvain

Jean-François Lenvain is an ultra-marathon runner and mentor to numerous athletes. With over 20 years of experience, he founded the association "Tous à Bord" to support and guide athletes through their careers and beyond. His commitment to personal and professional development is exemplary.
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