Ecology in Business: Why and how to change ?
Sustainability & Ecology

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Ecology in Business: Why and how to change ?

Join Maxime de Rostolan and learn how economic profitability and reducing environmental impact can coexist and drive the future of business.

How can economic profitability and reducing our environmental impact coexist?

In this inspiring talk, we will discuss the current environmental situation and the critical role companies play in a greener transition. Maxime de Rostolan will delve into the intersection of entrepreneurship and ecological awareness, highlighting the necessity for business leaders to adopt sustainable practices. 

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for integrating ecology into your business model. 

This event is a collaboration with Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles and is part of their "Impact Day" programme.

Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles is a strong collective of entrepreneurs sharing deeply human values, with a mission to support entrepreneurs and create sustainable jobs in Brussels.

Registration opens on July 31.


Maxime de Rostolan

Maxime de Rostolan is an environmental activist who does not hesitate to push through public and private doors to promote the common good. An engineer by training, he is the founder of the Fermes d'Avenir network, the citizen movement La Bascule, and the crowdfunding platform Blue Bees. Here, he lays the groundwork for the continuation of his commitments.
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Wed. September 4, 7:00PM
Talk and Q&A
Wed. September 4, 7:30PM
Wed. September 4, 8:30PM
Wed. September 4, 9:30PM