Cyber Threat Mastery
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Tue. June 11, 6:30PM

Cyber Threat Mastery

How are hackers evolving? Join Alexander Thomaere for a deep dive into the latest cyber threats and protection strategies.

Join Alexander Thomaere at TheMerode for an enlightening discussion on the evolving world of cyber threats. As the leader of Fox-IT's Belgium & Luxembourg practice, Thomaere brings firsthand insights into the sophisticated tactics employed by today's hackers and the cutting-edge strategies required to thwart them. Learn about the landscape of cybercrime, the vulnerabilities organizations face today, and the proactive measures you can adopt to secure your digital frontier. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your understanding of cybersecurity and safeguard your operations against complex threats.


Alexander Thomaere

Alexander Thomaere is the leader of the Belgium & Luxembourg practice at Fox-IT, where he spearheads efforts to combat cybercrime in collaboration with partners. His extensive experience in developing and implementing robust cybersecurity strategies has been pivotal in protecting organizations from a spectrum of threats. Thomaere possesses a deep understanding of the latest cybersecurity technologies and best practices, and his involvement in major incidents has showcased his expertise in crisis management. In his role, Thomaere is responsible for the comprehensive oversight of the company’s operations within the region, including the development and implementation of strategic initiatives. Before his tenure at Fox-IT, he held various positions in the private sector, utilizing his knowledge in cybersecurity, business, and economics to drive organizational growth and success. His work has spanned across diverse industries such as technology, healthcare, and finance, demonstrating a versatile and influential career trajectory.
Tue. June 11, 6:30PM
Tue. June 11, 9:00PM
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