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Biomimicry and neurosciences: perspectives on transition
Sustainability & Ecology

Tue. November 21, 6:30PM

Biomimicry and neurosciences: perspectives on transition

Olivier Hamant, Céline Bouton and Sébastien Bohler will shed light on the different approaches of the transition while sharing with businesses the keys to accelerating its implementation.

Join Speed Up Transition and, for a stimulating conference on the challenges of Economic Transition under the prism of biomimicry, neurosciences and ethical finance.

Olivier Hamant, Céline Bouton and Sébastien Bohler will shed light on why companies need to take a step aside to address the social and environmental issues that threaten their activities and ways of operating, from resource scarcity, physical and social disruption, to the difficulties associated with retaining talent and building loyalty among generations Y and Z.

Want to get further inspired by theses sciences to change perspective and embed sustainability into your company's strategy?

Come and listen to renowned biologist and researcher Olivier Hamant, Sébastien Bohler, Doctor in Neurosciences and editor-in-chief of Cerveau & Psycho, and Céline Bouton co-founder of Be impact and as they discuss how a deeper understanding of nature and human cognition can contribute to building a more sustainable future.

About Speed Up Transition: is organising an event on the opportunities and challenges of Economic Transition. It is aimed at managers of large companies and SMEs operating in the Brussels Region who want to position themselves as leaders in their sector, while taking account of developments linked to climate change, whether in terms of physical disruption, changes in European legislation, customer demands in terms of the social and environmental impact of companies, or younger generations who are increasingly difficult to retain.


Olivier Hamant

Dr. Olivier Hamant is a distinguished biologist known for groundbreaking contributions to plant growth and development. With a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, his research integrates biology, physics, and mathematics to unravel complexities in plant development. Hamant has held positions at prestigious institutions including the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRAE) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). He's received accolades like the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Research Scholar Award for his work on how plants perceive mechanical cues and adapt to environments. Committed to scientific collaboration and mentorship, Hamant's insights have been published widely and shared at international conferences. He continues to inspire the next generation of scientists with his holistic vision for biology, driven by a profound reverence for the natural world.


Céline Bouton

Céline Bouton is a political specialist, co-foundeur of Be Impact, and Makesense Belgium. She has 15 years in impact entrepreneurship and sustainable finance as co-founder, business developer and manager.


Stan Thuret

Stan Thuret is a professional skipper and a film maker. After the 25th edition of the Route du Rum in 2022 in which he participated, he has decided to put an end to his sailing career for ecological reasons.


Sébastien Bohler

Sébastien Bohler is a Doctor of Neurosciences, author of the book Le Bug Humain and Editor-in-chief of Cerveau & Psycho. A specialist in molecular neurobiology, he has also been a columnist on France Inter ("La tête au carré") and Arte ("28 minutes").

this event is limited to members only

Tue. November 21, 6:30PM
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Tue. November 21, 6:00PM
Tue. November 21, 6:30PM
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