Beyond AI: Ethics, Society, and Human Connection
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Thu. June 20, 6:30PM

Beyond AI: Ethics, Society, and Human Connection

How does AI shape our society and personal interactions? A fireside chat with Louis de Diesbach, Maxime Samain, and Béatrice de Mahieu.

Join us at TheMerode for an insightful evening as we delve into the real-world implications of artificial intelligence with three leading thinkers. Louis de Diesbach, Maxime Samain, and Béatrice de Mahieu will tackle how AI intersects with ethics, inclusion, and governance, offering thought-provoking perspectives on technology's role in society, whilst also confronting the critical question: What is left for humans when machines solve all our problems? Discover how AI can enhance our lives without overshadowing human values and critical thinking. This isn't just about technology—it's about shaping a future where technology amplifies our human potential.


Béatrice de Mahieu

Béatrice de Mahieu is the CEO of BeCode, a tech and digital skills school in Belgium. From 2019 to 2021, she led Co.Station Belgium, a tech start-up hub, where she created innovative ecosystems. Since 1999, she has worked in telecommunications, technology, and media for companies like Telenet and Microsoft, focusing on growth strategies. In 2011, she began mentoring and investing in tech start-ups, guiding their strategies and investor relations. She serves on the boards and committees of several organizations, including Proximus, Veolia, Les Petits Riens and akkanto. Béatrice is a strong advocate for digital inclusion and co-authored two business books on innovation and leadership.


Louis de Diesbach

Technology ethicist and consultant at BCG, Louis de Diesbach examines the deep ethical implications of technology on human values and societal norms. He focuses his work and his writing on the impact that our use of tech has on our relationship with ourselves and with others. He recently published his second book, "Bonjour ChatGPT", which questions how our relationship with chatbots impacts ability to build community.


Maxime Samain

Maxime Samain is a journalist specialized in new technologies and innovation. He is the Tech Editor of the Belgian newspaper L'Echo. He has edited number of publications on technology, social networks and digital marketing. He is also the founder of the Brussels Digital Week and the Digital Masterclass program. Passionate about innovation, entrepreneurial stories and the influence of technology on our societies, he tells and vulgarize the technologies that make or will make our daily life. He is the also an author about technology and innovation, his first book published in 2023 was about the Metaverse.
Thu. June 20, 6:30PM
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