Behind the teenage angst with Jérôme Colin
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Mon. February 19, 6:30PM

Behind the teenage angst with Jérôme Colin

In his latest novel “Les Dragons”, the Hep Taxi host warns us about the mental health of teenagers. Meet Jérôme Colin for a conversation giving voice to a marginalised youth.

Since Covid, teenagers’ angst is increasing and waiting lists in psychiatric institutions keep getting longer. In “Les Dragons”, Jérôme Colin brings focus to this concerning reality while conveying the voices of young teenagers, shedding light on their problems and sharing their vision of the world.

What is society’s responsibility in this growing distress? How can we prevent school dropout and the exclusion of children? These are so many questions raised by Jérôme Colin in “Les Dragons”.

Join us for an engaging conversation that will put the issue of youth’s mental health on the political agenda. 

The conference will be followed by a signing session of Jérôme Colin’s latest novel, “Les Dragons” (Allary, 2023).


Jérôme Colin

Jérôme Colin is a journalist at the RTBF, where he hosts "Entrez sans frapper" and "Hep Taxi". He is the author of Éviter les péages (Allary Éditions, 2015) and Le Champ de bataille (Allary Éditions, 2018), which has been adapted for the stage and is currently being made into a film. To write Les Dragons, he spent 4 months immersed in a psychiatric care centre for adolescents aged between 12 and 18.


Joëlle Scoriels

Joëlle Scoriels hosts talk and culture shows on RTBF. She also writes chronicles for the radio. Graduated in Romance Philology and trained in drawing at La Cambre, she is never more comfortable than when it comes to highlighting the talent of people she admires.
Mon. February 19, 6:30PM
Mon. February 19, 8:30PM
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Mon. February 19, 6:30PM
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Mon. February 19, 8:00PM
Mon. February 19, 8:30PM