Awakening Courage with Blanche de Richemont

Wed. May 15, 7:00PM

Awakening Courage with Blanche de Richemont

Join Blanche de Richemont in exploring the power of courage in work and life, unlocking a transformative leadership approach.  

In a world brimming with uncertainty, the essence of courage becomes the cornerstone for transformative leadership and personal fulfillment. Blanche de Richemont, celebrated philosopher, author, and adventurer, invites us to a profound journey into the heart of courage.

Discover how challenges can become gateways to strength and how the samurai spirit can inspire peace and resolve in our modern chaos.

This enlightening session will navigate through the philosophies of resilience, the historical samurai ethos, and its implications in contemporary business and personal growth. Unearth the art of facing adversities with grace and ardor, revitalizing your team's spirit and your own life's direction.

The conference will be followed by a book signing of "Allez, courage ! Petit traité de l'ardeur" (Les Presses de la Cité, 2023), Blanche de Richemont's latest work.


Blanche de Richemont is a renowned French philosopher, writer, journalist, and speaker, celebrated for her profound insights into the nature of courage, adventure, and self-transcendence. Blanche's literary contributions extend from the critically acclaimed "Eloge du désert" to her impactful "Allez, courage! Petit traité de l’ardeur," where she explores the essence of ardor and resilience. Her adventures, from following a salt caravan in Mali to living among smugglers on the fringes of the Sahara, infuse her writings with authenticity and depth, offering readers a unique window into the trials and tribulations that shape our humanity. As a sought-after speaker, Blanche has shared her wisdom and experiences with diverse audiences, guiding them on a journey to discover the samurai within and awaken the courage that lies dormant in every soul.
Wed. May 15, 7:00PM
Wed. May 15, 10:30PM
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Wed. May 15, 7:00PM
Wed. May 15, 7:30PM
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