Art Matters with Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen
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Art Matters with Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen

Join Kendell Geers for a monthly luncheon with a special guest and a passionate insight into why Art Matters. This month meet Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen.

Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen is a celebrity in Brussels, the elegant glamorous partner of Sébastien Janssen (Sorry We’re Closed) and president of the César Foundation. She has built a home for her family in Bruxelles, bursting with an exemplary art collection that mixes historical masterpieces by Picasso and Giaccometti, with Eric Croes ceramics, silverware, antique rugs and designer furniture. Stéphanie has redefined expat French culture in Brussels as a living connection to the artist whose name is synonymous with the highest film honors in France. The romance between Stéphanie and César has inspired both urban legends and fantasy, but it was their love that inspired the work produced in the final years of one of France’s greatest artists. Who is the person behind the enigmatic wife, lover, muse, widow, mother, collector and whose love is now a living part of art history ? 

Join the Art Matters table for the inside story of an extraordinary woman talking about the complex relationship between art and love, even beyond the lifetime of an artist.

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Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen

Stéphanie Busuttil-Janssen is the founder and President of the Fondation César, based in Belgium. In 2012, she set up the Fondation César to promote the work and influence of this great sculptor throughout the world.


Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers is a pivotal figure in contemporary African art, whose powerful works explore themes of identity, resistance, and the complex legacies of history. Born in apartheid-era South Africa, Geers' journey from a working-class family to an artist in exile has profoundly shaped his unique artistic language, defying simple categorization. Geers gained international recognition early in his career, with notable participation in the 1997 Johannesburg Biennale and Documenta 11 in 2002, curated by the esteemed Okwui Enwezor. In 2013, Enwezor further cemented Geers' significance by curating his retrospective at the prestigious Haus der Kunst in Munich. Now based in Brussels, Geers continues to push artistic boundaries, creating works that resonate globally while remaining firmly rooted in his African identity and experiences.
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