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A guided tour of ‘The Nature of the Game’ by Francis Alÿs
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Wed. December 6, 6:15PM

A guided tour of ‘The Nature of the Game’ by Francis Alÿs

Joins us at WIELS for an evening visit of ‘The Nature of the Game’, an exhibition celebrating Francis Alÿs’ famous films of children’s games.

Discover an extensive selection of Francis Alÿs' famous films of children's games in dialogue with his subdued paintings and the film installation The Silence of Ani.

Since 1999, Francis Alÿs has documented children playing in public places. His films record both cultural traditions and children’s spontaneous and unconstrained actions, in the street, as well as in conflict zones and the turbulence of modern life.

A year after his presentation for the Flemish entry for the Belgian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale, Francis Alÿs presents at WIELS this new version of the exhibition The Nature of the Game, twelve years after the artist's memorable retrospective at WIELS that introduced Belgian audiences to the full scope of his work.

Join us on December 6 for an exclusive guided tour of the exhibition with Dirk Snauwaert, co-curator of the exhibition and Director of WIELS.

About the artist:
Francis Alÿs (Belgium, 1959) lives and works in Mexico City. Alÿs trained as an architect. In his practice, he uses a variety of media, ranging from painting and drawing to video and animation. His work addresses ethnological and geopolitical themes by observing daily life during his walks and travels. His series Children’s Games (1999-ongoing) is a collection of scenes of children playing in various countries around the world. Ten new films, made in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Canada, Iraq and Hong Kong were shown at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022. His work has been exhibited in renowned museums around the world.

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Wed. December 6, 6:15PM
Wed. December 6, 7:30PM
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Wed. December 6, 6:15PM
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Wed. December 6, 7:30PM